14 september 2011

05 september 2011

Sperry Remington Idool vs. Remington Portable #2

The typecast below is written on a Sperry Remington Idool (1980) and a Remington Portable #2 (1928). I bought the Sperry last week for 3 euros and even got one week warranty on it.

Sperry Remington Idool (left) and Remington Portable #2 (right)
The currency used in the typecast (below) is guilder. The Sperry has a florin sign "ƒ", the Portable #2 with the German keyboard lay-out hasn't, so I used the "Fl"-alternative (it means the same).

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Above the receipt of last week. Below the original warranty from 1980

Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant, 9 september 1924

And the best for last: a really nice video of a Remington Portable typewriter:

01 september 2011

Williams typecast

For this typecast I experimented with carbon paper - I've never used it before. I don't like the result too much. Anyone knows how to get the best out of carbon paper?

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Williams typewriter and carbon paper