08 december 2017

Lost: Gorham Silver Smith Corona Portable Typewriter

On September 12, 2017, I bought on Ebay.com a (what to me seems to be) Gorham Sterling Silver Smith Corona Portable typewriter. After paying for it, however, the typewriter got lost. It's three months later now, and it still hasn't arrived. These Gorham Silver Smith Corona's are extremely rare: less than 10 are still known to exist.

The one I bought wasn't in very good shape: as you can see on the pictures below, the silver plating has a lot of wear all over, but especially on the ribbon cover (left) and on the edges below the space bar. This specific wear makes this particular specimen unique and, more important: recognisable. If you recognise this typewriter and know where it is, please let me know: schrijfmachine@yahoo.nl .
Thanks a lot!

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Richard P zei

This kind of thing is very frustrating and worrying. I'm sorry that it happened to you.

Last year I bought a rare music typewriter (an adapted Olympia) on eBay. FedEx delivered it to the wrong address, and I never was able to track it down. I eventually discovered that it turned up on eBay again and another collector got it! I am happy that it ended up in good hands instead of in some junkyard.