12 november 2012

Dutch Typewriter Collectors Meeting 2012

Here I leave you some pictures of the Dutch Typewriter Collectors Meeting in Barendrecht (The Netherlands) today. It was organized by Martin and the theme of the day was "thrust action machines", so we all brought our Adlers, Noiselesses, Empires, etc. We had a very nice afternoon chatting about typewriters and enjoying each others company.

 Back (left to right): Frank, Martin, Jos, Leo, Willem, Ceriel, Wim / Front row (left to right): Jaap, Flip, Diewertje,  Cor, Bas.

Jaap lectures about the Adler Favorit

The Noiseless table

Comparing Klein Adlers

Empires, Crowns, Adlers and anything in between.

5 opmerkingen:

Ton S. (I dream lo-tech) zei

It's great that typewriter collectors in the Netherlands got together. Wish I was into typewriters during my four years of living in Nijmegen; I could have met you guys.

Rob Bowker zei

what a great bunch you look. and all those thrust action machines too. i had no idea how popular it was in the netherlands to be a typewriter collector. thank you for sharing a few glimpses of your day.

Unknown zei

Amazing how this is a truly international hobby! Looks like a meeting of academic types more than anything else!

Richard P zei

Looks like a great meeting. Nice to be able to put some faces to names!

shordzi zei

Thanks for reporting! I have read the "Paradise Tribune" as well, and recommend it to everybody.