25 februari 2013

Liliput typewriter

For anyone who wondered why the last 2 weeks three (or more?) rare Liliputs have turned up in The Netherlands: it was a featured item in the Dutch version of the Antiques Roadshow, valued at 2000-2500 euros (if in working condition).

"It's a Liliput machine, but not for a liliput price tag", Fred Kats (the specialist).

One week before the recordings of this show, I showed mr. Kats my Junior typewriter, see: http://schrijfmachine.blogspot.nl/2012/09/antiques-roadshow.html
I also asked him kindly to give some more attention to typewriters in future shows. It seems he listened to me!

2 opmerkingen:

Richard P zei

Ah, interesting. I had just noticed the Liliput "for parts" on eBay.

shordzi zei

Ongelooflijk! Very nice television feature, and very helpful for a typewriter renaissance, or at least preservation.

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