24 juni 2012

Kanzler Typewriter

Meet the Kanzler 1; a very impressive German typewriter, build in 1904 (sn 2514). The one I bought (see pictures and video) still works, except for missing a ribbon and a platen knob. Each typebar has eight characters, controlled by a column of four keys and a shift. For an English explanation of how this machine works, see the Virtual Typewriter Museum. For a German history of the Kanzler factory, see "Die Geschichte der deutschen Schreibmaschinen Fabriken".

4 opmerkingen:

Richard P zei

Ha ha, perfect musical accompaniment for this magnificent, monumental typewriter!


Ken Coghlan zei

Simply amazing. It's great that you found one in such nice condition.

Ton S. (I dream lo-tech) zei

What a spectacular find, gefeliciteerd! How about a sample typecast?

I agree with Richard, Orff's "O Fortuna" is just perfect for that German machine!

shordzi zei

I woudn't have expected the Kanzler to be so special. But now I know. Looking at the last photo enlarged, this machine seems to have no end. Wouldn't it make for a perfect present for Mrs. Merkel?