22 juli 2012

Typecast Klein Adler Typewriter

Here is a small typecast from my Klein Adler typewriter. I just bought it from the Scryption Museum. I've never seen a 93-year-old typewriter in such a good condition! The keys are a bit dirty, but only under the glass, so I think it's fungus. It still types really nice.

A Dutch biography about Levie (Louis) Fles can be found here.

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Ton S. (I dream lo-tech) zei

A stunning typewriter with an interesting history. Congratulations for this great find.

Richard P zei


Dwayne F. zei

Love it! This machine is beautiful and functional. Thanks for posting a typecast.

Rob Bowker zei

Frank, that is in remarkable condition. Do you have any idea where to find a replacement ribbon? My Blick Universal is very thread-bear and I would really like to replace its ribbon and do some typing on it. Any advice gratefully received.

Rob Bowker zei
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michaeliany zei

very very nice! that must go into your typewriter display cabinet front and center!!!

Huub G. zei

Ribbons with a width of 20mm for Klein Adler you can find them in the Netherlands webshop: http://www.gtb4u.nl/Webwinkel-Product-144113603/Inktlint-breedte-20mm-voor-o.a.-Klein-Adler-(1920-).html
You had to respool them on the old spools.