12 augustus 2012

Imperial Portable Typewriter

A better quality (1080p) version of this video can be found here (without music for copyright reasons).

Thanks to Stichting Onterfd Goed for the pictures, as I don't have my own camera here at the moment.

5 opmerkingen:

Scott Kernaghan zei

What am amazing machine!

Ken Coghlan zei

What a fantastic typewriter and video! I was picturing Harrison Ford using this machine the entire time I watched it. A great addition to your collection, to be sure. It is right up there on my most wanted list, but a tad too expensive at the moment.

shordzi zei

I would leave it as it is. Wonderful machine, although it frightens me a bit.

schrijfmachine zei

Frightens you? Why?

shordzi zei

It got some character and feels creepy to me.