12 april 2013

Did I just receive an Underwood 2?

I've just received what I believe is an Underwood 2. I bought it from an antiques dealer on the internet, who thought it was from the 1940s. If this is really a #2, it would've been made in or around 1898.

It looks like an Underwood 1 (no see-saw ribbon color selector and a metal colored scale strip) but it has 42 keys instead of 38, so - according to Ernst Martin (1923), p. 218 - that would make it a #2. The serial number is 9732. There is no patent information on the back (no mention to Wagner, nothing).

I haven't found a lot of information yet about this machine or its rarity, except for a message in the Yahoo typewriter mailing list from 2002, claiming that only 2 other Underwood #2's were known. So, logically, I am very excited about this find. Is this really an Underwood 2? And if so, is it really that rare? Anyone else owns an Underwood 2? What is the serial number?

If anyone reading this has more information about the Underwood 2, please write me a comment below or click here to answer the mail I've sent about this typewriter in the Yahoo typewriter mailing list. Now, I probably better start cleaning it. Carefully, just in case!

Here are the pictures:

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Ted zei

very neat find!

If it is a #2, the best numbers I have for Underwood would put #9732 right towards the tail end of 1900. The Underwood #1/2 was discontinued in Dec 1900 with serial #10354.

You should certainly enter this one into the database! (:

schrijfmachine zei

So far I have found 3 Underwoods # 1 with serial numbers above 12.000. One is in Richard Polt's collection (#12880). So #10354 definitely isn't the last one.

I've tried including pictures in the database before, but I didn't succeed (and believe me I've been trying).

Richard P zei

Wow. Congratulations! Yes, that must be a no. 2.

Ted zei

Hmmn, I just re-did the Underwood page with the best info I have. I'll re-check where the ending # for Underwood 1/2 came from and see if we have to discount it. I expect a lot of interesting things will be learnt once we have enough individual machines in the database.

I will see if I can find your email address in the database and send you a note, see if I can help with the photo upload problem you're having. I saw you were having problems with the Kanzler 1b, but you had included a link so I was able to grab the photo and upload it for you.

Scott Kernaghan zei

Oh! Pretty cool!

Lyette zei

Oh lucky you! And all the keys are french ... so i'm very surprise to see those pics of your Underwood #2. Congrats !

Rob Bowker zei

The database is a bit unusual to get into but makes perfect sense when you "get" it. Hopefully, Ted will supply a step-by-step guide. It looks like you have a small restoration job to come.

Anoniem zei

That's a nice surprise! Congratz!