25 mei 2013

German typewriter Collectors Meeting, May 25 2013, Köln

Today I went to another meeting of the German typewriter collectors in Köln. It was nice to see familiar faces and to practice German while walking past the trunks of the cars, filled with all kinds of typewriters. Here are the pictures, so you get an idea. I had the impression that most sellers had to take the vast majority of their machines back home again. Only those who put "realistic" prices were able to sell some.

5 opmerkingen:

Ton S. (I dream lo-tech) zei

That Princess is stunning!

Richard P zei

Thank you for sharing! The gold Princess is the one that caught my eye too.

I spent the day a few kilometers away, in Wuppertal! But I was committed to stay here the whole day for a philosophy conference. There will be another occasion for us to meet, I hope.

shordzi zei

Thank you very much for reporting! Nice Kofferraum-Displays, I would have chosen the Lambert.

Scott Kernaghan zei

That America Typewriter Co machine is pretty interesting. I had to look that up after spotting it!

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