28 mei 2013

Rooy Portable typewriter

Here are some pictures and a typecast from the ultra flat Rooy Portable typewriter I bought today: sn 27446, produced in 1953. I should retype it so it makes more sense. But the sun is shining, so: sorry, can't be bothered. :)

Rooy portable in its lid

Rooy Portable sliding out of the lid...

Ready for typing!

Here are the links to information about the Rooy Portable typewriter:
Machines of loving grace
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Typed on Paper

And for information about the recent evolution of mobile phones see:

9 opmerkingen:

Spiderwebz zei

It's sooo flat! It almost looks like an early laptop with it's lid closed.

shordzi zei

Yours looks very nice, with the well preserved decals and the bright-coloured buttons. I have the same model, and must say am rather disappointed with the typing feel, action, and sound. Maybe mine is a "monday's typewriter".

schrijfmachine zei

I don't type a lot, but I really liked using this machine. It had a very direct touch.

Richard P zei

I would say that with 70K sold, the Rooy miniportable was fairly successful. And noiseless typewriters sold very well in the '30s and '40s. Still, it is true that in the end both kinds of design failed to change the mainstream concept of a desirable typewriter.

20 euros was a steal!

Ted zei

20 Euros is a smokin' deal for a Rooy like that. Congrats! (:

RobertG zei

Impressively small.
The benefit of size then probably wasn't big enough to justify the cost for the mainstream consumer (About 7k/yr is niche, isn't it?) Archetype of portable was perhaps already too firmly entrenched.

In product development we still have that - we (consumers) have expectations what a product must look like; it is hard to deviate and still sell well. Also size is sometimes linked to consumer (our) perception of value (bigger=more).

Rob Bowker zei

What a fantastic little machine. I know that noise reduction was of great importance - and a vital selling point - to users in commercial premises since it was proven that productivity increased when the noise levels went down. Portability must just have appealed to the smaller home-user market. At 20 Euros, it would have been wrong to leave it behind.

bigmark zei

I've just bought one of these, same model and year, but it has no ribbon in it. Does anyone know where I could get a new ribbon and spools?

ontembaar zei

Ik heb net dezelfde machine staan kom hem maar halen als je een correcte prijs geeft