08 oktober 2022

Typewriters in the wild: Amsterdam Flea market ijhallen

 I went typewriter hunting in Amsterdam today. Didn't find anything I liked, except for a typewriter lighter and a glass celebrating the 1988 European Championship football (both 1 euro). Here are some pictures of typewriters in the wild today:

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Robin Heilschild 【蓋面】 zei

(Ich spreche keine Holländisch, aber Deutsch)

Whoa!! There are two Olympia typewriters there!! Alas, I couldn't use them here in Mexico. They have Dutch keyboard. Fortunately, I have seen those Olympia models here in Mexico.

The CRT TV's also look pretty interesting. Alas, I couldn't use them here in Mexico: They are for PAL, and for a 50-Hz power supply. Here in Mexico we used NTSC, and we use a 60-Hz power supply. :(